Life Coaching

Coaching is available via phone, video (or in person if you’re in the Rochester, NY area).


Coaching highlights individual strengths and supports limited beliefs and thinking patterns that keep you stuck. It's often a fast-paced, short-term, directive, and solution focused process. Coaching is meant for those who want to learn quick relational tools as well as gain education on general relationship topics.

Coaching does not diagnose or treat any kind of mental illness that is included in the DSM-V.

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps those seeking positive change, new possibilities, and support in determining necessary next steps to achieve their goals. Life coaching can help:

  • if you need a second opinion with a life decision
  • prioritize self care
  • you achieve a better work-life balance
  • provide advice for a family problem, parenting issue, or marriage struggle
  • improve communication skills, including practicing assertiveness
  • set healthy boundaries
  • build self-awareness and self-compassion
  • identify your next steps in life
  • you make confident decisions
  • improve problem solving skills
  • build personal insights to help you better understand and connect with yourself

Individual Coaching

45-min sessions: $80

Initial Intake (60 mins): $95

Scheduled as needed


Individual Bootcamp

4-week program: $350 (saves $65)

One 60-min intake

3 follow-up sessions (45 mins)

Confidential email support


All coaching programs include:

  • 1 initial intake and assessment session (mandatory)
  • The creation and implementation of customized goal-setting plans
  • Tools and techniques to assist with achieving success
  • Solution-focused exercises to practice during sessions
  • 1 complimentary 20-minute consultation call to determine if these programs are right for you (optional)
  • Customized payment plans, if needed


Interested in next steps? That's great!

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