Presentations for people living with Type 1 Diabetes

Search for a Cure (2011)

Dr. Polonsky presents on the emotional and behavioral issues involved in managing diabetes, and outlines BDI’s understanding of the approaches used by people who live well with diabetes.

Taking Control of Your Diabetes: Lifestyle Modifications (2011)

Dr. Polonsky talks to Dr. Steve Edelman and a patient with diabetes to explore how this patient made manageable and effective changes in her lifestyle. Common barriers are discussed, as well as everyday solution ideas.

Coping with Emotional and Behavioral Aspects of Diabetes (2010)

Dr. Polonsky speaks with Dr. Edelman on topics such diabetes distress and diabetes etiquette.

Extreme Diabetes Makeover (2010)

Seven people with diabetes worked with a “Dream Team” of experts to improve (makeover) their diabetes self-care. This video series premiered in November 2010 and follows along in the journeys of common issues in diabetes management.

The Psychological Side of Type 1 Diabetes (2011)

In this talk, Dr. Polonsky gives us his talk entitled “Psyching Out Diabetes.”

Presentations for people living with Type 2 Diabetes

Dealing with a Diabetes Diagnosis – Don’t Freak Out

Being told you have T2 diabetes can be scary and overwhelming – but it does not have to be. Dr. Bill Polonsky and Dr. Edelman discuss the booklet “Don’t Freak Out,” which takes the guesswork out of managing care and gives a clear plan of action to the newly diagnosed.

Diabetes Burnout – From Discouraged to Encouraged

Dr. Susan Guzman’s presents on why diabetes can be so discouraging and offers strategies that people with diabetes can use to help keep them motivated.

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